Project 2019/20

With the start of the school year the singers of El Cor Canta have started up a new project that entails several changes in relation to the last season, both in the works we sing, the composition of the choir and the choral direction.

Obres guanyadores del Primer Concurs de Composició El Cor Canta

The novelties of the repertoire are the two works that have been awarded in the "First international contest for choir and orchestra " El Cor Canta ", which awarded the works “Camí de Sol” and “Visions and Cants”, inspired, respectively, by poems written by Joan Salvat-Papasseit and Joan Maragall. As the rules of the contest established that the works presented should be based on Catalan poetry.

Now that we have started rehearsing these two works we face the common difficulties of all new musical project. Tuning, rhythm, dynamics and, ultimately, the interpretation of each work, which puts us to the test both individually and in the choir as a whole. And doubts arise about the character of these works, especially on the texts. Despite recognizing the literary value and the importance of the chosen poems in the Catalan culture, we have to bear in mind that they were written in times when the sensitivity was different to the one in the present time. However, I believe that the authors of the musical compositions have succeeded to find the right melodies and rhythms and we are feeling now more comfortable with them, as we progress with our rehearing sessions.

A very important factor to achieve our goals is the direction of great professionals such as Elisenda Carrasco, Eva Martínez and Jordi Lluch, assistant to Elisenda, as the latter cannot participate in all the programmed rehearsing sessions. With his long experience and mastery Jordi Lluch makes the learning easier, profitable and pleasant for us. In fact, in the first rehearsing sessions we could already discover the interest and the beauty of the scores. “Camí de Sol” is, according to the author, Gerard López, a song in life, that transports us from a rhythmic and vital melody to a passionate lyricism. "Visions i Cants", by Àngel Pérez, is a vitalistic praising ― typically Maragallian ― on earth, language and poetry.

El Cor Canta a l'Auditori de Barcelona el 2019

In addition to these two works, this year we will have a new opportunity to sing the “Gloria”, composed by the Master Albert Guinovart. A score that also implied some difficulty for us to understand and work with last year, but precisely due to this and to the effort we put into mastering it, it is now something of ours. A “Gloria”, as its composer told us, is a song of Joy and Plenitude. Most of the current members of our choir have already sung it and our rehearsing sessions now are devoted to improving our interpretation and sharing it with new singers, for our Choir is constantly growing in number of singers and under an improving transformation process.

All in all, I think that "El Cor Canta Poesia Catalana" is a stimulating project, which allows us to share once again the wonderful experience of singing, and being aware that the effort of each participant in this project brings in something positive into the final result of this project. Needless to say, the three works of the repertoire offer us an opportunity to enjoy the music and to convey our enthusiasm to the public that comes to listen to us. What a singer would resist to participate in a project like this!

Maria Lluïsa Cunillera

Tracduction: Ribamar Rodríguez