1. The association EL COR CANTA (ECC) convenes the first edition of the EL COR CANTA International Composition Competition for Choir and Orchestra, focused on the creation of new choral-symphonic music of a level suitable for amateur choirs.
  2. El Cor Canta is an amateur choir of 140 singers of different levels and musical experience.
  3. The competition focuses on the composition of original works on text that will be determined in each edition.
  4. The composition contest prize will be announced during the spring of 2019.
  5. The winning work(s) will be premiered in the concerts of the El Cor Canta project scheduled for February and/or March of 2020.

El Cor Canta - First Internationa Composition Competition


1. Contestants

The EL COR CANTA International Composition Competition for Choir and Orchestra is open to all without age or origin restrictions or entry fees.

There will be two categories.:

  • Professionals for those born before 01/01/1984
  • Young composers or composition students for those born after 31/12/1983. These participants may choose to participate directly in the professional category, indicating such on the entry form.

2. The works

The submitted works should be compositions of choral-symphonic music for chamber orchestra, soloist and mixed choir (SATB) of an estimated duration of 15 minutes.

  • The submitted works must be original, not previously performed nor awarded prizes in any other competition. Adaptations or versions of existing works by the same composers already performed or published will not be accepted.
  • The text of the composition will be based this year on the poetic work of a Catalan author, free of copyright. It can be based on a single poem or a collection of poems by the chosen poet, at the discretion of the composer. The style of the new symphonic choral work is also discretionary.

3. The performers of the work

For the professional component of the the work you must include:

  1. Orchestra:
    1. A maximum of 30 members
    2. Strings: 6/5/4/3/2
    3. Winds: 8 at the most the instrumentation of which will be at the discretion of the composer
    4. Percussion: 1
    5. Organ or Piano and/or Harp
  2. Soloist

For the non-professional component:

  1. Choir:
    1. The choir that will premiere the winning work is currently made up of about 140 amateur singers divided into SATB, aged between 35 and 75 years old, with varying degrees of choral experience

It is imperative that the submitted works be appropriate to the characteristics of vocal and technical training that we detail below:

  1. Tessituras:
    1. Sopranos: from do 3 to la 4
    2. Contralts: from sol 2 to mi 4
    3. Tenors: from do 2 to sol 3
    4. Basses: from fa 1 to mi 3
  2. Divisi: There may occasionally be divisi of up to two voices for each of the four groups
  3. The musical treatment of the voices, voice leading, and reference points that will facilitate the successful rehearsal and execution of the submitted works will be greatly valued.  It must be kept in mind that the work should be of an average difficulty. By way of reference, a few examples of the numbers interpreted by the choir in their concerts are attached in a document attached to these bases.

4. Presentation of the works

  1. Six (6) printed copies, the pages of which must be numbered, must be submitted. They must be legible, clear, without ambiguities or amendments. The text that has been used must be added separately. The score in PDF format and a MIDI file of the work must also be sent.
  2. The title page of each work should include only the title, a pseudonym for the composer and the category in which they participate: Professional or Young composers (only one).
  3. Additionally, the entry form must be completed and signed and submitted in a sealed envelope. This envelope must be labeled with the pseudonym of the composer.
  4. More than one work may be submitted for consideration.

5. Terms and place of presentation

The deadline for submission of works is May 31, 2019 at midnight CET. The works must be submitted or sent by mail to the following address:

El Cor Canta

International Composition Competition EL COR CANTA for Choir and Orchestra

C/ Freixa, 41 5è 2a


The digital material (PDF and MIDI) can also be submitted by email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In both cases the anonymity of the sender is guaranteed before the jury.

6. Jury

The jury of this Competition Contest will be composed of the following international directors and composers:

  • Kazushi Ono, principal conductor of the Barcelona Symphony and National Orchestra of Catalonia (OBC), as president of the jury
  • Albert Guinovart, composer
  • Elisenda Carrasco, director of the Voxalba Women's Choir
  • Pere Lluís Biosca, director of the Francesc Valls Choir of the Cathedral of Barcelona
  • Noé Cantú, OBC bassoonist.

 7. Winning works

The jury will select a winner for each category of the competition. It may also designate some works as honorable mention.  Additionally, the jury could decide not to award any prizes if it considers that none of submitted compositions merit them.

8. Verdict

The jury will issue the verdict in a private act in Barcelona and, later, will make it public on June 30, 2019. The verdict, which will be previously communicated individually to the winners, will be published in the media and specialized magazines. The verdict of the jury will be final.

9. Prizes

The winning work in the professional category will receive:

  1. A cash prize of 3,000 euros, subject to current taxation laws
  2. The premiere of the work in the framework of the EL COR CANTA project at the end of the 2019/20 season (February/March 2020)
  3. The publication of the score by Editorial FICTA
  4. The recording of one of the premiere concerts.

 The prize of the winning work in the category young composers or composition students will consist of:

  1. A cash prize of 2,000 euros, subject to current taxation
  2. The possible premiere of the work within the framework of the EL COR CANTA project at the end of the 2019/20 season and at the discretion of the directors of EL COR CANTA.
  3. The publication of the score by Editorial FICTA, if the work is premiered at the concerts.

10. Material

The winners will have to provide the necessary material necessary for the execution of the work for free at the mentioned opening concerts.

11. Editorial rights

The ECC association reserves the exclusive right to publish the winning works for a period of three years from the date of issue of the verdict. This will not affect the intellectual property rights, which will be the composers’ for all other effects.

12. Return of the submitted works

Participants may request the return of non-awarded works within a period of two months from the publication of the verdict. The ECC association reserves the right to preserve one of the copies of the works for its own archive. The works not collected may be disseminated by the ECC association, unless expressly requested by the author, who must communicate it in writing attaching it to his works, or later in the term mentioned.

13. Acceptance and interpretation of the bases

Participation in this contest presupposes the acceptance of these rules. The interpretation and any aspect not provided in these rules will be resolved by the organization, after consulting, if necessary, the members of the jury.


El Cor Canta

C/ Freixa, 41 5è 2a


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.