The members of the choir EL COR CANTA, an entity born of diversity, faced with the unfortunate events that we are living these days, WE MANIFEST:

  1. Our rejection of a ruling issued by the Supreme Court that condemns our political representatives with extreme harshness and does not take into account the reality of the facts judged or the applicable law.
  2. This ruling is not the solution to an open conflict. Prison is not, in any case, the solution.
  3. Strength as a vehicle for resolving conflicts is always rebuttable. We rely on the path of dialogue. The dissonance in music teaches us that there must always be respect and we must know how to listen to the other.
  4. Our entity will always support the rights of peoples and will make the Catalan people stand up in their demands for freedom and for the defense of the rights inherent in any political subject.